About Our Vinyl

We have 1000's of vintage vinyl records which we will be (slowly) adding here over time. Unless the record is still sealed, here is what we do before listing any record for sale:

  • All our records are visually inspected and hand-cleaned if we see heavy dirt or finger prints.
  • For our 12-inch LPs, we then use a high-tech record cleaning machine for deep cleaning. Depending on the need, the record is cleaned 1-5 times.
  • We play every record completely through, and take note of any background hiss, "clicking" noises, or static "popping" noises.
  • We will conservatively rate the visual appearance of the record, cover, and sleeve using the Goldmine Vinyl Grading System.
  • In addition to providing the visual appearance rating of the record, we also include a description of the play-ability from the notes we took while playing. This is a time-consuming process, and that is why our online inventory is currently limited (check back often!).

We go through this process because we understand that buying used vinyl is a risky proposition, so we also offer a money-back guarantee with all our records.

While playing the records, we are also digitizing them on our computer using VinylStudio software, and this allows us to also clean up the digital versions to remove as much background hiss, clicking noise, and static popping as possible.  As a result, we are able to offer our customers the following:

  • For LPs and any record containing more than 4-5 tracks, we produce an audio CDR (containing WAV files) for use as a backup, and these are available for $20 as a product choice on the individual product pages.
  • For 45s, 78s, and all records with only 2-5 tracks, we offer the WAV files from the tracks to the record purchaser for free.  Just contact us with an email address (as a note during your purchase, or at any time after your purchase using out contact form), and we will email the WAV files to you.

They say that vinyl is making a comeback, and many audiophiles claim that the sound is purer on vinyl.  There is just something cool about holding the actual vinyl that a CD just does not provide!